TV Tower/ Alexanderplatz

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by RJMorris on July 22, 2002

Also known as the Fersehturm, the TV Tower is, deservedly, a popular spot. It is next to the lovely Alexanderplatz (with it's globe monument), and is surrounded by some of the old parts of Berlin. This setting means that a walk around the area can be either begun or completed with a visit to the TV Tower. Although you do have to pay to go up the tower, it is well worth it as you can see all over the city. You can appreciate the large amount of parks, notice how different East Berlin is from the Western half, or try to see the remaining section of the Wall. The globe which sits at the top of the tower also has a bar, although if you are on a budget I wouldn't plan to buy anything! Note also that there is a charge to use the toilet here. The tower is well laid out, with pointers and information situated at various intervals beneath the panoramic windows, which help you to try and spot the many sights of Berlin. The queue to get in was fairly short, and we both felt that the visit offered good value for money.
Berlin, Germany, 10178

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