Children's Fairyland

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by spuguru on December 7, 2000

Believe it or not, this park was the model for Disneyland - Walt even stole the park's first director away to help him create Disneyworld!

Interactive play areas bring to life many of the best fairy tales and nursery rhymes, including Alice in Wonderland, the Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe, a pirate ship, Robinson Crusoe's island, Humpty Dumpty, Three Men in a tub; well, you get the idea.

Other highlights include puppet shows, several rides (train, boat, merry-go-round, ferris wheel) a small petting zoo area, and a large, fast dragon-shaped slide!

I visited here even before I had kids!
Children's Fairyland
699 Bellevue Ave
Oakland, California, 94601
(510) 238-6876

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