The Sky Tower

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by C_Wheel on July 15, 2002

The most obvious sight, in fact you can't miss it, is the Sky Tower. The tallest building in the southern hemisphere as all the tourist guides mention. It costs about $10 to get up to the observation deck (tip check out the free tourist brochures for a discount voucher) and the view is damn impressive. It gives you a good idea of the scale of Auckland and basic orientation.

Once you're done wandering around and daring each other to step on the glass floor panels you have a couple of choices. If you need that adrenaline buzz, climp on up the spike of the Sky Tower, get that extra few hundred metres above the rest and pray its not a windy day. Or you do the Sky Jump for $200. Its actually a controlled descent but for a very long way down. Be warned every so often the ropes stick for a minute or so and you could be left hanging. Literally.

If you fancy something a bit more civilised or at least not so energetic, there's a cafe and revolving restaurant. And Skycity casino where you can get a whole different kind of adrenalin kick. Its free entry to all of these by the way, but take id if you want to go to the casino. Check the paper as well for nightly free entertainment at Skycity.

Sky Tower
Victoria Street at Federal Street
Auckland, New Zealand, 1001
+64 (9) 363 6000

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