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Member Rating 3 out of 5 by davidx on November 23, 2002

It does not take long to go by the local rail line from P de Espagna to Montserrat and you can buy a ticket which includes the cable-car up to the monastery. From near the top it is possible to take two separate funiculars, one down to a short walk to a shrine and the other up to an exhibition and to the start of some walks. This is the part I should reccomend. I was not in a fit condition that day but the idea of walking from there was most appealing. The rock scenery is really something and it looks as though it is possible to have a stroll along the top of the world.
I cannot say that the lower funicular was worth the money as far as I was concerned. Shrines are not particularly my scene so I went for the ride and the walk - and the truth is that there was not much in it. As for the monastery, I had doubts about the wisdom of doing the shortish uphill walk because I really was not too well that day but there was no problem. I should not have wanted to do so on any day. The sheer volume of cars in the parking place was horrendous and queuing with their occupants for ages in order to touch a statue of a black virgin sounded the height of folly. Clearly this must be an idiosyncratic view because so many of them seemed to get out of their cars and head that way.

I guess that if I had arrived in time to hear the famous boys’ choir do their bit at 1300 hours I might have gone in but my general view is that a superb piece of rock scenery has been wrecked by people putting a grotesque monastery in the middle. If I ever go again, which I doubt, I should make straight for the upper funicular and hope for cloudless skies for a walk, preferably out of sight of all the pandemonium below. I think I should be more interested in seeing other sights but I am not sorry I went and the scenery is sufficiently striking to justify one visit in spite of the major downside.

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