Szoborpark - Statue Park

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All around the country, and all around Budapest you can see mementos of the almost half century long communist era among the modern buildings and normal daily living facilities. Closed formerly state-run department stores with their socialist-realist design, and 50's typography. Rundown apartment buildings in the city with bullet holes on the facade that haven't been renovated beacasue the residents don't have the funds even for daily living, no to mention renovations or decoration. But Budapest also offers something unique, a piece of history preserved in its orginal state, for the world to see and draw the conclusions.

The Budapest Szoborpark is an open-air museum of communist statues that used to stand on the streets of Budapest. They were collected after the Some of the statues have a dramatic history, some are more peaceful memories from a bygone era. The museum is by far not a complete collection of communist relics, for example there is no Stalin statue at all (the only Hungarian Statue of Stalin was destroyed by the revolutionaries in 1956), but it is an interesting place to walk around and see the monumentality and expressivity of the statues. There are statues of Lenin (see photo), Marx and Engels, soviet soldiers, soviet military chiefs and more. As you walk around, imagine driving to your job every day and passing on of these monumental statues on your way to remind you of the leader that you *must* honour and accept, no matter how much terror he brings to your country. The museum is an introduction to the spirit behind the Iron Curtain.

For more photos and instuctions on how to get there see their official site.
Memento Statue Park
Bathori utca, 22
Budapest, Hungary, 1054
+36 1 424 7500

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