Musee du Vin

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by phileasfogg on June 17, 2002

The Musee du Vin is in the old 14th century wine cellar of the Abbey of Passy (like all monastic establishments, these guys too decided wine-making was a good way of serving the Lord).

Somewhat dimly-lit collection which lies spread out across a convoluted maze-like corridor, which is pretty narrow and a bit of a problem if you run into a big group. Although all the signages and explanations are only in French, it’s all pretty interesting. The exhibits run the gamut of everything (and I mean everything!) connected to wine and wine-making. the equipment itself is a huge collection- there are wine presses, corkscrews, grape baskets (to store picked grapes), barrels, decanters, glasses, bottles of various shapes and sizes- some so tall they’re higher than my knee, and plenty of other stuff. Besides that- and this is what I found really interesting- there are a whole lot of old photographs, articles, portraits, and drinking songs (there’s even a hymn to St. Vincent, one of the main patron saints of wine). There's a separate section, towards the end of the display, with waxworks showing how wine is made. It includes a waxwork of good ol' Louis Pasteur, the man who brought French viticulture back from the brink. At the end of the display is the best part of it- a neat little wine bar, rather bare-boens, but nice, where you can sit and have your complimentary glass of wine.

Musée du Vin
rue des Eaux
Paris, France, 75016
+33 1 45 25 63 26

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