Spouting Horn Geyser

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by robertabee on June 3, 2002

Once upon a time, a lava tube flowed underground to the sea near what is now Prince Kuhio Park, where it spit fiery hot rocks into the ocean. That lava flow has long since dried up, but the tube remains open, with surprising effects. Bystanders leaning over the railing watching the ocean are surprised to see sudden spouts of water go shooting straight up out of nowhere.

The size of the spout depends on the timing and direction of the wave that is breaking on the shore. Part of the water is forced into the tube, where it erupts violently into the air and creates the namesake "Spouting Horn".

This is a fun break from the sunbathing and swimming at nearby Poipu Beach, or a pre-dinner photo opportunity if you're having dinner in the Poipu area.

Spouting Horn
Lawai Road, across from Allerton Visitor's Center
Koloa, Hawaii, 96756
No phone available


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