Zambezi River Sunset Cruise

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Linda Kaye on May 15, 2002

The great Zambezi River starts in northwest Zambia and meanders for 1700 miles through several countries and empties into the Indian Ocean at Mozambique. This great river affects thousands of people and animals along the way. The sheer volume of water that flows through this planetary vein and manifests it’s grandeur at the famous Victoria Falls, cannot keep from stirring an emotional response from all who visit.

Our Cruise Director / Captain / Driver / Bartender was a wealth of information about the river’s attributes. His keen eye spotted a variety of wildlife and important highlights. We saw Hippo, birds of prey, even an elephant on one of the many islands that occupy this wide river. This elephant was at the waters' edge and we came within 10 feet. Even though he peered at us, he was too busy eating to be concerned with our intrusion.

If you are looking for a ride on the Zambezi River, there are several options from which you can pick. We were picked up at our lodge for a 4:00 cast off with an anticipated time to return of 6:30. Besides the five of us, one other passenger joined us. Government regulations required for safety reasons a return to shore within 30 minutes of sunset, which was at 6:04 on this day. Drinks (including beer, champagne, sodas, etc.) and snacks were included in the price of the excursion

The highlight of this cruise was the Sunset view and therefore the name - SUNSET CRUISE. We were not disappointed, for words and photographs can not adequately describe the spectacular view we experienced. Another pleasant experience was the interesting conservation we had with our tour guide. He was gave us so much information about the river that it seemed that we were getting a geography lesson, but in the most enjoyable environment.

The sixth passenger, who happened to be a fellow countryman from the great state of Minnesota –USA, added another delight to our stay in Victoria Falls. He is a young man on an extended vacation, traveling the world for three months and wanting to soak up as much culture as he could and willing to share his with as many new people as well.

As the sun set on the horizon and the light of day faded into the night, our stay in Zimbabwe was also drawing to a close, for the next day we would return to South Africa. Soon our travels to this part of the world will also conclude, but will not be soon forgotten.

Zambezi River Sunset Cruise
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