Kid fishing and the attack of the mutant beaver!

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We tried 3 places: Tahoe Keys, Sawmill Pond, and Angora Lake.

Tahoe Keys: The local outfitter told us the street to turn on to find a calm fishing spot in this labyrinth of nice homes and man made canals. On his second cast with the trusty bobber and worm combination, my son landed a nice 8 inch bass. We released it and in the course of an hour caught a couple more little sunfish. Just as we were about to pack it in, we spotted a huge brown blob in the water swimming ominously toward us! What could it be? Giant lake trout? Sturgeon? Sea monster? Once I saw the flat tail I realized what it was -- a beaver the size of a Buick! He swam directly at the dropoff where we were standing and disappeared. We looked down and realized we'd been fishing from on top of a beaver house! It was then that we noticed how all the small trees and saplings around us had been gnawed. I envisioned him bursting from underneath our feet Carrie-like and gnawing our legs like young maples.

Later that afternoon, we tried Sawmill Pond which is maintained as a kids-only fishing pond. In the heat of mid-day, there wasn't any action unless you count the chipmunks that kept coming up to us looking for something to eat. Unfortunately for them, all we had were nightcrawlers.

A few days later, we hiked to Angora Lakes. There's a fairly popular old-fashioned resort on Upper Angora Lake and several private cabins on Lower Angora Lake which is where we fished. My son caught several small (fingerling size) trout which we released -- he may have caught the same one several times!

All-in-all, despite not catching any keepers, my son enjoyed himself and we did our part in keeping the nightcrawler population low. And we had a great beaver story!

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