Day trip to Havana (pt1)

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by kiminhalifax on December 18, 2001

We leave the resort at 8am and drive for 2 hours to Havana. The sights on the way are saddening. The poverty is overwhelming – just remember, no matter how hard these people choose to work, they will never have more money, they will never have a better life. The small houses have running water and electricity, but that’s about it. The houses are crumbling, the cars (the families lucky enough to have a car) are rusting and from the 50s, the people’s clothing is old and stained.

We start off with a 3 hour walking tour of many famous squares in Old Havana. The sights are amazing. A lot of buildings are being reconstructed to bring them back to original condition. They look nice, but you have to wonder if that’s where the government should be putting its money. The walking tour ends with a trip to the national museum – quite boring so I head outside and people watch.

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Havana Day Trip
Varadero, Cuba

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