Firehole Lake Drive

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As it's name indicates, much of this area can be seen from your car. There is a walking trail, known as the Three Senses Nature Trail, which is a Boardwalk Trail of short duration, you can see the entire trail from the start of it but takes you around a thermal area.

The Number One attraction on this drive is the Great Fountain Geyser. This geyser normally erupts a couple of times a day and a stop at the Ranger Station by Old Faithful will get you a prediction of when it will erupt next. Normally this prediction is also posted on a sign by the Geyser. The prediction for this geyser's next eruption time though is usually + or - 2 hours. There is limited parking by the geyser and we like to just go park and wait for it to erupt. If it's predicted eruption time is around noon time, we simply take our lunch and eat while waiting.

Great Fountain Geyser is a pool geyser as opposed to White Dome Geyser which is just a short distance down the road. Once you see Great Fountain's area and watch it erupt, you can readily see how it got its name as it looks much like Fountains you find in cities all over the world. It is well worth the wait to see it erupt.

Just down the road is the White Dome Geyser, a cone geyser which erupts quite frequently. Again, there is some parking by it and we often plan to park by it for lunch and watch it. It is not at all unusual to have it erupt 2 or 3 times while we are eating.

Next down the road is the Pink Cone Geyser which is not a predictable geyser but on our last trip to Yellowstone we were fortunate to drive by when it was erupting.

Some people think that if you've seen one geyser erupt, you've experienced a geyser but each geyser is unique unto to itself and puts on its own show which we find interesting to observe.

On past Pink Cone Geyser is when you get to the Three Senses Nature Trail. Much of this can be seen just driving by but take the time to park, there is more parking here, and walk the trail and see some of the area up close.

Firehole Lake Drive
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