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The Kremlin is an absolute "must see" attraction. Allow yourself as much time as possible for a tour. I have been there 4 or 5 times and still have not seen it all. The Kremlin is a walled compound somewhat like a fort. The admission for the Kremlin is relative inexpensive. You can buy individual admission for the cathederals at the door if you want to go inside. The individual cathederal admission is inexpensive as well. In the center of the Kremlin is Cathederal Square. Most of the buildings on the square are, as you may have guessed, cathederals. Each of the cathederals are unique. The intricate frescoes and paintings date back centuries in most cases. Over the years the monks had painted over the the paintings to protect them from damage when the Kremlin was under seige from foreign intruders. Much of the late 20th century was spent uncovering the artwork and restoring it. Some of the cathederals are small and, quite frankly, do not house anything but patriarch's tombs.

The most interesting sight at the Kremlin for me was the State Armoury. It is the oldest museum in Russia. The entrance fee was around 10 dollars. This museum holds Russia's national treasures. The Armoury was fascinating because of the variety and the outright priceless nature of the items displayed. Russian art, centuries old armour and weapons, spoils of war, gifts presented to the Tsars, thrones used by the Tsars, riding equipment(one entire room is dedicated to carriages and coaches), gowns and crowns worn by the royalty are just some of the treasures housed there.

You can also see the Emperor Cannon which was built in the 1500's and is the world's largest cannon. It is worth a quick look and makes a good place for a snapshot.

Also located in the Kremlin is the Emperor Bell. The bell is the world's largest bell (20 ft. tall.) It was built in the 1700's. It is worth a quick look and is also a good place to take a snapshot.

The residence of the president of the Russian Federation is also there (no public admission.)

At the entrance to the Kremlin (where they sell tickets) is also a good place to buy t-shirts from street vendors.

The Kremlin
Entrance From Red Square
Moscow, Russia, 103073
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