Guinness Brewery Museum - Guinness Storehouse

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Aaron Loukonen on April 15, 2002

Walking west of the Temple Bar area south of the Liffey, you will come across the Guinness brewery. If you get lost trying to find it, just ask a Dubliner, they will certainly know where to direct you.

In the Storehouse is a multistoried museum that takes you back to the original days of Guinness and the "genius" that went into its creation. Now, I like Guinness and in fact it is one of my favorite beers, but they went a little overboard praising their beer. It is very good beer, but it isn’t that good. They made it sound as if it were black gold. I guess that is the point of a museum dedicated solely to a single beer.

It is a very comprehensive museum, covering every part of the history of Guinness as well as how it is made and so on. It also costs 9 euros to get into the place, but at the top, on the ninth floor, is a bar where you get a complimentary beer with your ticket. That is excellent, but even better is the 360 degree view of Dublin that you have from the bar. You literally can see almost all of Dublin. So, if you are a Guinness fan, then the brewery is a definite must for you.

Guinness Storehouse
St James's Gate Dublin 8
01 408 4800

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