Gerona - more than an airport

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by davidx on May 23, 2002

Most people probably just think of it as an airport for the Costa Brava. Ironically, although thousands of people get off the plane and straight ino a tour bus for the coast, there is no bus between the airport and the city. Fortunately there are often cheap flights that make for a bargain even after the taxi fare has been paid (£8-£10 equivalent - not a lot of point in quoting peseta prices now).

The city of Gerona deserves to be better known. The Paseo Archeologico reached from just above the cathedral gives fine views of buildings to the left and over part of the city to the country behind it to the right. Perhaps the finest thing of all can not be photographed. This is the wonderful Creation tapestry in the Cathedral - worth the entry money every time. Heaven knows how many hours it took to do it but it is the best tapestry I have seen anywhere and it is very well-displayed with a seat to sit on if you want to stay for a good look. The other very good thing to do is to take the bus to Besalú. It is a very pleasant bit of country but Besalú itself is a knock-out with its fortified bridge and old churches. Unfortunately there would appear to be no cheap accommodations. It is also possible to get to Ripoll from Gerona or Besalú by bus, noted for its 9th century monastery and near by rail to Ribes de Frazer where a rack railway runs up the mountains to Nuria. I actually saw these places from Barcelona and I am doing a separate item on them in this travelogue.


Cataluna, Spain

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