Vimanenmek Royal Mansion

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This is the world’s largest building made entirely out of teak wood. (This is the beautiful light colored wood that has been carved into many a jewelry box and delicately painted with good luck symbols). It was rebuilt here in 1900 after being moved from Srichang Island in the Gulf of Siam. It is Thai architecture with Thai antique furniture and objects reminiscent of that time period. Three stories, 81 rooms and many terraces and verandahs make this an incredible wooden palace. Equally impressive are the immaculate grounds with botanical gardens, ponds and small lakes. A grand piano with ivory keyboard, photographs & gifts presented to the king, crystal, Faberge, jewelry and other objects are just some of the other gems awaiting you on this tour. There is also a souvenir shop and traditional Thai Dancing shows at approximately 11:00 and 2:00 and are free. Near the entrance to Vimanmek is the Royal Carriage Museum where 13 royal horse-drawn carriages from the reign of King Rama V are housed.

If you go to the Grand Palace you will receive a free admission to the mansion. Otherwise it is a separate admission of $2. Hours are 9:00-4:00. More info 662 281-1569.

Vimanmek Palace (Vimanmek Mansion)
Thanon Ratchawithi
Bangkok, Thailand, 10300
+66 2 628 6300-9

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