Royal Barge National Museum

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by nmagann on March 13, 2002

This museum is actually a shed that displays several royal barges that were used on royal occasions and previously as war vessels. Each barge is uniquely designed and has great decorative details. The king, to make his royal river procession for a ceremony, who used the barge was Suphannahong. The largest barge is 50 meters long and required a crew of 50, not to mention the navigators, helmsmen and others. Photos indicate how the boats look in royal procession, fully manned. The design of the bows with the elaborate Vishnu God with four arms and sword with a Garuda below is positively fascinating. Even the seemingly narrowness of the boats like oversized canoes is really a sight along with the gold leaf trimmings. The museum is across the river in the general area of the other main attractions such as the Grand Palace. Should you decide to walk to the museum in lieu of a long tail boat, signs lead you through narrow alleys that appear to go behind people’s homes along rather dirty canals where people toss their dish water and such.

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Royal Barge National Museum
Phra Pin Klao Bridge
Bangkok, Thailand

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