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After dinner(early because we hadn't had time for lunch on our train trips to Bruges from Paris),we stopped for a nightcap at our accommodation host's bar. As it was the prime eating hour, this was a bit ill-advised, as the place was crowded, mainly by groups of young people,all eager for some home-like food and lots of superb Belgian beer.People were waiting for tables. You could see, however, that the bar was well-stocked and the cozy, brick-walled interior was conducive to intimate after-hours gatherings over a few good brews.

On the website click here there are five pictures that accurately depict the warm atmosphere and show that sometimes live bands perform here.The bar is open till 3P.M. on Fridays & Saturdays, and the kitchen also stays open late to accommodate after-theatre crowds. A "fixture" on the Bruges night scene, the Lokkedize is a good spot to combine eating & drinking in a convivial setting.

All the food that passed by us looked very good indeed and everyone around us seemed to be digging right in. Both locals & tourists made up the patronage and the scene was quite bustling. Tired as we were & already full, we stayed a short while, regretting we were too tired to return later to enjoy the ambiance, maybe meet some locals, and drink to the background accompaniment of some mellow jazz which was playing while we were enjoying our drinks.

We thought menu prices were very reasonable and found a vaiety of offerings on the menu.We noted one of our favorites, moussaka, was on the menu, so the Lokkedize serves more than just Belgian food. Our total bill came to a little over 14 euros for 2 Westmalle Donker, 2 Diversen (both of these are kinds of beer) and 2 Ginis for me. Gini is the Belgian facsimile of Schweppes Bitter Lemon.

Korte Vuilderstraat 33
Bruges, Belgium


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