Marche Daguerre

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by travelprone on May 18, 2002

On Sunday, when many of the shops were closed, we found shopping in the Marche Daguerre a godsend, as, like the Parisians, we shopped each day, limited by what we three could carry back to our apartment. The upside of this necessary limitation was we enjoyed fresh food. In our apartment former renters had left several bags in which to tote our purchases- a real plus. We made sure we did the same before our departure.

The Marche Daguerre was full of several stalls full of outstanding produce at very reasonable prices. My chef husband was able to pick out all the accompaniments to our Veal Orloff which we had previously gotten at the triperie. We also secured some wine and some beautiful flowers to decorate our candlelit dinner table because several of the shops on this cobblestoned, pedestrian street were also open.

Quite different from what we're used to at home, this 2 block area is full of bakeries, pharmacies, cafes, as well as a health food store, jewelry designers, perfumier and even a bon-bon shop (walk on by, fast). I appreciated this insistence on freshness direct from the producer, as I remember when my grandmother used to buy produce from a man who travelled our neighborhood in an upstate New York city before World War Two ended and the age of the supermarket dawned. Here in the Marche Daguerre the proprietors do let you pick out the produce you desire and check out at the register, where they weigh it on the same scoop scale my grandma's produce vendor used. And you are getting vegetables and fruit that are superior to that in the markets at home because they're there only for the day. The nearest metro, Mouton-Duvernet is three blocks south from the market and Denfert-Rochereau is a short two blocks away. On Sundays, many of the food shops on General Le Clerc are closed and thus the market can thrive. Vive la France! This difference is worth preserving.

Marché Daguerre
Rue Daguerre at Ave. du General Leclerc
Paris, France

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