Sunken Gardens

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by Ally on February 27, 2002

The Tampa Sunken Gardens certainly is one of the oldest family owned attractions in the area. It was founded in 1903 by a many who loved horticulture, George Turner. He owned a large chunk of property with a home on it and a sinkhole! The latter exposed different kinds of soil, so he used it to plant various types of plants, from desert cacti to tropical palm trees.

Perhaps due to it's age, there has not been much expansion of this small park; one can see everything well within an hour. We stretched our visit to an hour. Local elementary classes are taken on outings and attend the plant/animal lectures that are offered here. We also saw a small tour group of older folks.

A path winds around the gardens, bringing you to beautiful tropical birds, flamingos, alligator, Royal Palms, fruit trees, flowers, a wishing well, and a large grass/lawn area that is used for small wedding ceremonies. Of course, there is also is a gift shop offering souvenirs and a snack counter for burgers and stuff. I can't really imagine anyone buying the food there though.

Sunken Gardens
1825 Fourth Street North
St. Petersburg, Florida, 33704
(727) 551-3100

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