Pukekura Park

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Pukekura Park has several entrances, but the main gates are on Lemon Street just up from the city centre.

Through these gates is the Pukekura park Oval, where in the summer you can sit on the grass terraces and watch the occassional game of Cricket or Athletics. You will have to pay an admission fee if it's a club game of cricket.

If you keep following the road around the oval, you will come to an entrance into the park that leads you to the smaller of the two lakes on the park's property. This lake has a beautiful fountain that, when you pay $1, will give a wonderful water display. At Christmas, the fountain is decorated with colored lights.

There is a walking track that will take you around the lake, and there are several tracks that will take you to the other areas of the parks.

In one direction, you can take a short track to the largest of the two lakes. At this lake there is a kiosk where you can get something to eat and/or drink, a dock where you can hire a boat for a couple of hours and row around the lake, and there is also a waterfall which is beautifully decorated at Christmas.

If you follow the paths around this lake, through the beautiful gardens, and taking time to wander through the greenhouses if you wish, you will find yourself at Brooklands Bowl, where there is a concert stage. You can come here to laze on the grass and watch a concert when there's one on. At Christmas they also have Carols by Candlelight. You will have to pay for a ticket to get entrance into the area for a concert.

From here, if you climb the steep hill, you will arrival at another one of the Park's Entrances, The Brooklands Bowl entrance. Near this entrance is the small zoo which is great for kids. The zoo has otters, monkeys, birds and a farm animal section, where the kids can pet the baby animals. The zoo has no admission fee, but has a donation box at the entrance.

Not far from the zoo's entrance is a Gable House, where art shows and exhibitions are held. The artists are frequently local, and the artwork usually depicts local scenery and people.

The park is very popular for wedding photos and for garden weddings, especially on a beautiful sunny day.

Pukekura Park
Taranaki, New Zealand


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