Mohammed V Square

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Mohammed V Square, Mahakama Law Courts and the Habous Quarter

Set around a central fountain in the heart of the city, Mohamed V square is surrounded by splendid examples of French Colonial architecture. A large number of the buildings here, which house government and public offices, reflect the design style known as 'Mooresque.' This styling exemplifies both Moroccan and French architectural elements.

Our tour guide is dressed in his traditional clothing and speaks impeccable English. He leads us through Mohammed V Square and points out the Post Office, Palace of Justice, the Prefecture, the French Consulate and the Bank of Morocco. All are set around the a central fountain, which he tells us, comes alive at night with lights and multi-colored waters.

I became a bit disconcerted at this point, when I noticed that as we walked along, taking photos, guards armed with rifles were watching our every move. They smile, nod their heads and appear very pleasant, but I’m afraid I still felt a bit intimidated.

Just a few steps further along the busy street, we entered the Mahakma Law Courts, which were built in 1959. The inside of the courts is lavishly decorated with Moorish plaster and wall after wall of ornate mosaics. A lovely fountain and quiet courtyards are found within the Mahakma du Pacha at the Habous Quarter, which is the Islamic law court and official salon of the Pacha of Casablanca.

As our guide leads us back to our bus, I am very aware of the guards watching as we reboard out tour bus. It is not until our next stop at the attractive resort of Ain Diab that I begin to relax again. Here at the resort, with soft drinks in hand, enjoying the lovely sea view, I'm finally able tell my husband how much better I feel without those guards watching!

Mohammed V Square
Avenue Mohammed V
Casablanca, Morocco

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