Peterhof, via hydrofoil

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by akakd on October 31, 2001

Located just 19 miles west of St. Petersburg, 30 minutes by hydrofoil from the Hermitage, is Peter the Great's palace complex reminiscent of Versailles. Construction began at Peterhof in 1704. It is said to be "especially evocative of the turbulent, highly creative age of Peter the Great". The centrepiece of the Great Cascade in front of the palace is the Samson Fountain to commemorate the Russian victory over the Swedes on St. Samson's Day in 1709. Numerous fountains are found on the complex, the ones near the little palace of Monplaisir ("My Pleasure") are trick fountains that spray you w/ water if you sit on a particular bench or stand on a particular stone. In addition to the Great Cascade, my favorite fountains were the Neptune Fountain, Revolving Sun Fountain, & trick Oak Fountain. Allow the better part of a day to explore Peterhof. Restaurants, cafes on site.
Peterhof Palace and Gardens
St. Petersburg, Russia

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