Epcot - World Showcase

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World Showcase
Eleven countries to explore through attractions, food, and live entertainment.

Mexico - "El Rio del Tiempo" boat ride to experience Mexican culture (similar to "It's a Small World" ride)

Norway - ride with trolls through a mythical Viking village

China - 360-degree theater with excellent footage of this vast and interesting country

Germany - shop and eat to experience the Bavarian culture

Italy - exquisite cuisine and live entertainment in a picturesque atmosphere

American Adventure - "The American Adventure" showcases the historical great minds of the U.S.

Japan - Bijutsu-kan Gallery displays Japanese art and culture

Morocco - Gallery of Arts and History and the Moroccan National Tourist Office provide interesting facts about their nation

France - "Impressions De France" video displays the French culture

United Kingdom - an English pub, shopping, and live entertainment helps you relax & unwind

Canada - "O Canada" 360-degree theater explores the landscape and culture from a unique birdseye view
Epcot World Showcase
World Showcase Lagoon
Orlando, 32830
(407) 939-8687


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