La Boca - Caminito

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Home of a large Italian population, the La Boca neighborhood has an urban blue-collar attitude that is also credited as one of the birthplaces of the tango. The locals even have their own soccer team to root for, the blue and yellow side of Boca Juniors once led by World Cup star Diego Armando Maradona. The club’s stadium is the anchor of the neighborhood and features its own soccer museum and souvenir shop. A storefront across the way displays an adorable life-size wooden mannequin of Maradona.

The tourist-friendly Caminito is definitely the most colorful area of La Boca. The cheap corrugated metal constructions of the Caminito are elevated to artistic prominence by boldly painted surfaces. The simple shacks feature a patchwork of cool tropical colors; it is almost hard to believe that people actually live in these modules. In this "outdoor museum", artists showcase their wares for sale, while performers entertain families in a small open amphitheater. There are plenty of souvenir stores to spend your pesos in as well. At a nearby corner across from the Parque Lezama, there is an amusing fake-façade sculpture that parodies the metal shacks of the Caminito, with cartoonish people sticking their heads out of imaginary windows.

The Caminito is about a two-mile hike from the closest Subte station. It is very close to the mouth (or Boca) of the sludgy Rio de la Plata, part of which is paralleled by a wide promenade. Locals cross the river via the rustic Puente Avellaneda (one has to take an elevator up one side, walk across the top pathway, and then head down the other side). They can also cross the river via little boats for a small fee.

Caminito Pedestrian Street/La Boca District
Calle Caminito
La Boca, Buenos Aires, 1166

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