Teatro Colon

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The Teatro Colon, dating from 1908, is regarded as one of the great opera houses in the world. The grandiose Italianate-French style building is prominently located near the Obelisk and the Avenida 9 de Julio. The seating capacity in the main auditorium is 2500 spread across seven tiers, and the standing capacity is 1500. A large chandelier (with a diameter over 20 feet in width) is the centerpiece of the theater.

There is also a small museum in the lobby of the Teatro Colon, containing a collection of costumes, photographs, musical instruments, and other artifacts. Public tours of the museum and theater are generally available, mostly in Spanish or English. You can take a look behind the scenes and under the scenes, with a stop at workshops nearly 50 feet below street level.

I was fortunate enough to attend a free concert recital in the Sala Dorado, one of the auxiliary rooms of the Teatro Colon. There was a piano and violin duet, followed by a clarinet player. I would have stayed longer, but the elderly host droned incessantly in Spanish between musical interludes, and I would have fallen asleep if I had to listen to his monotones any longer. As good as the acoustics were in the Sala Dorado, the sound must be extraordinary in the main auditorium. The building’s landmark status in Buenos Aires was magnified by a group of architecture students who were diligently documenting the edifice with photographs, sketches and field measurements.

Teatro Colon
Libertad 651
Capital Federal, Argentina, 1012
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