Street Vendors

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Marianne on January 11, 2002

"Excuse me. You wanna buy a watch?"

I hesitate

"I give you good price."
He opens up a big box full of watches.
"No, thank you, Alex".

"How you know my name????"

Not so difficult as it is written inside his box.

"You now buy a watch?"
"No, thank you, not now."

Next time he'll see me he'll remind me of my "maybe" promise.

In the end I bought two watches, they never worked properly, I didn't mind. I made him happy and whenever he saw me again, he greeted me as his best friend. It is easy to make people happy with only a small amount of western money.

It's best to approach these vendors in a friendly way. If you ignore them or if you are rude they keep on pestering you and may even be aggressive. Besides they are human beings just like you. They simply try to earn a living, like you, albeit in a differrent way.
Street Vendors
In all streets in central Kuta
Bali, Indonesia

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