El Parque Benito Juarez

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by tmhhmt on December 19, 2001

A very large and sometimes quiet park - with a playground that would never pass American safety standards that is nevertheless full of very health and mostly scar-free children having a fantastic time. This actually might be the only playground in town now that I think about it.

There are basketball courts on the Diezmo Viejo edge of the park near Sollano, across the street from the house we rented. When the high school lets out at 2pm the courts start to fill up and the games don't stop until the sun goes down. I never saw any gringos play ball but I suppose it's not prohibited.

The park is kept up quite well - most of it is very clean though there is lots of graffiti (the same gang markings as I see here in Los Angeles actually) around the edges. Don't worry about drive by shootings though - the cobblestones keep the average driving speed down around 15 miles an hour so whatever gang activity is going on in the park is very quiet and on foot.

There are picnic tables in the middle of the park along the path that crosses from Diezmo Viejo to Baeza and a few grills for charcoal as well.

This park is definitely a place to spend some quiet/alone time, sort of the inverse of the Jardine.

Parque Benito Juarez
corner of Aldama & Diezmo Viejo
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


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