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Just like London has its Tower of London, Paris has got its Conciergerie located in one part of the Palais Justice. Originally this was the residende of Comte des Cierges (The Count of candles). Her was a government official in charge of taxes ond lodging. He became head of the prisonguards when the building became a prison. But despite the long history as a residence, the Conciergerie will always be connected to the French revolution.

During the revolution approx. 4000 people were enprisoned here. One of the most famous prisons was Marie-Antoinette who sat here before the guillotine made her one head shorter. Even the revolution leaders Danton and Robspierre were put here before they suffered the same destiny as the 1119 people they had sent to the guillotine at Place de la Concorde.

The building was refurbished during the 19th century but one can still see a torture chamber from the 12th century. Today Conciergerie is clean and well kept and is for concerts and winetasting.

The only knowledge I had from the French Revolution was that high prices on bread lead to a riot. And that this lead to the french revolution. Not much. Visiting these historical buildings and surroundings made me dive into books on the french revolution when I came home. Now I know a little bit more of what happened.

1 quai de l'Horloge
Paris, France, 75001

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