Where to Head for the Day

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jose Kevo on November 5, 2001

I must confess that for my three trips to New Providence, I've never seen the town of Nassau or Paradise Island! On my first "solo" trip there, I asked the cab driver where would be a great place to spend a day on the beach? He pulled up into the spacious drop-off point for the Radisson Cable Beach Hotel and, with his thick accent, indicated this beach strip was the best and closest to the airport.

I was somewhat confused but with beach bag thrown over my shoulder, I was greeted like any other guest when entering the lobby and from there made my way through the main floor complex to the outer courtyard with terraced gardens, multi-swimming pools, outdoor bars/cafes, and a pristine strip of beach that obviously prompted my lack of need to ever look any further!

The spoof of acting like a guest was not necessary with the Bahamian staff treating me/us like everyone else with no questions asked. Their hospitality was most gracious and their generous servings of food and drink readily came whether beach or poolside or when making a conscious effort to head for the bar and grill. They usually, too refused to accept pay...likely assuming we were more "all-inclusive" guests who'd removed our tacky wrist bands which leave the white ring from lack of sun exposure. Let's just say they were generously tipped.

The beach has what you'd expect from a resort-type facility - towel service, plenty of lounge chairs, thatched-palm umbrellas for shady refuge, and a host of eager locals offering goods and services discussed in other activity and shopping entries. There's also a poolside cabana with locker rooms great for showering and washing off the salt and sand before heading back to the airport.

Beach waters are shallow allowing you to walk/snorkel well beyond the roped-off beach area without any problem. To the right of the facility are other large resorts you can pass through; which also seemed to have more of a Spring Break crowd/atmosphere going than the upscale and laid back ambiance of the Radisson.

To the left of here was what I considered the best bonus...like spending the day here wasn't already enough! During my last visit here, the Radisson was still the last hotel on the strip. Walking to the left along the sugary sands was certainly more "authentic" with the natural vegetations and walls sealing off back yards of beach villas. For those looking to get away and enjoy a private moment, this is definitely worth the effort of getting up from your chair with the walk surpassed only by the vistas back out across the sea.

Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort
West Bay Street
Nassau, Bahamas


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