The Killing Fields

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Milkbone on January 21, 2002

A trip to the Killing Fields is a must in order to have a better understanding of the horrors that Cambodia and its people faced, and in many ways still do. The Killing Fields are where mass graves hold the bodies of nearly 20,000 of the 3.3 million victims of the Khmer Rouge genocidal period. The heart of the Killing Fields is a memorial stupa, which holds over 8,000 skulls of those killed here. In some, you can see the cracks and holes where they were bludgeoned to death. If they weren't killed that way, their necks were slashed with palm leaves, they were left to suffocate amongst other bodies, or they starved. All just to save precious bullets. Many thousands are still buried, and after rains you can sometimes see fragments of bones or teeth jetting out of the dirt. A trip to the Killing Fields makes you extremely appreciative of where you come from.
Choeng Ek Memorial-The Killing Fields
15 Km South Of Phnom Penh
Choeng Ek, Cambodia

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