Peter and Paul Fortress

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by Mashka on July 23, 2001

This is where St. Petersburg was born. As the story goes...on 16 May 1703 Peter the Great tore up two pieces of sod, laid them in a cross and proclaimed, "The city will lie here." And so it did. In actual fact, Peter wasn't even there, but it makes for a good story.

This place takes a long time to get through--I think it'd take a good day to get through. The maps are really confusing and it's hard to find your way around.

The absolute coolest part was that Nicolas II's tomb is located there, but at the time I was there, it was "closed for renovations" (you'll hear that a lot in Russia). But I was told it would be open by August 2000. Many of the other Romanoff's have been laid to rest there.

I would recommend taking the Metro and maybe a bus. I took the Metro there and got really lost and wandered for quite some time, because it doesn't drop you off that close.

Peter and Paul Fortress/Peter and Paul Cathedral
Zayachil Ostrov (hare Island)
St. Petersburg, Russia

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