Rialto Bridge

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Shetraveler on July 11, 2001

The Ponte Di Rialto may indeed be the enduring symbol of Venice, or at least one of the most recognizable. Of course the bridge is best seen coming and going away from it on the water. On the bridge itself there are stalls selling the general tourist kitch like plastic gondolas, scarves, jewelry and Rialto Bridge minatures. But like every other bridge there are destinations on either end. Walk from the San Marco side to the San Polo side early in the morning (Tuesday -Saturday)and you'll be gifted with the drama of the early morning produce market, where you'll hear buyers and sellers greeting each other in familiar banter. A little farther down is the open-air Pescheria (Fish Market), where you'll see many of the delicacies you'll be eating for dinner. It's colorful and loud with many organic smells and sights. Be sure to bring your camera and arrive before 9 am.
Ponte di Rialto
Grand Canal
Venice, Italy, 30124
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