The Boulderfields

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by oflara on December 18, 2001

A quick half mile hike through the woods leads you to the fields. The path is well traveled and taken care, fallen trees mysteriously sawed through and discarded. It drops you off right there, no questions. My first time there I thought I was going the wrong way until passed by flushed hikers complete with gear slung over their shoulders who nodded and smiled their hellos.

Some of the slabs are obviously well traversed, the tell tale chalk marking holds used in past problems. Not only are chalk markings present, but the unfortunate tags of the local drunken spray painter. The climbers are making a conscious effort to clean the place up.

The boulder problems range from stupidly simple to extremely difficult. All in all it is a great place to hone your skills on the rock. For route info, check out the Southeast climbing bible, The 'Dixie Cragger.'

I have found that there is almost always someone there either top roping or doing a bit of bouldering, perhaps even walking their dog. I often go alone. Maybe I'll see you there!

The Boulderfields
Hoover, AL
Birmingham, Alabama

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