Parc du Mont Royal

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by funkipickle on April 1, 2002

I decided to take an amble up to Mont Royal but didnt intend spending 3 hours walking around. I entered the park from close to L'hopital de Victoire off Avenue des pins ouest. I climbed several small stone steps before I got to the main footpath which was no mean feet as I found myself knee deep in snow. I made my way along the path and could of followed the nice gentle root to the summit but decided to take the 200 steps up to the top and the lookout. As I am not the most fit of people I found myself stopping frequently to 'take pictures' whilst people pasted me running up them!

Once I reached the top of the steps, I was greeted by a snowman which I nearly fell over when I slipped in the snow and the most amazing view of Montreal. 'Le Chalet' has a viewing point for visitors and on a good day you get a fine view of Montreal and the surrounding scenery. In comparision to the Olympic tower, I would say this is better. I then followed the path around the park. There is a museum on the wildlife and history of the park at Maison Smith. It also has toilets and a giftshop selling film, drinks and gifts. The footpath will lead you past the broadcast tower, Le Croix (a large metal cross which is lit at night) and Lac aux Castors which is used for ice skating. Whilst I was there I saw many people taking advantage of the snow for skiing and tubing. Equipment cannot be hired, so you have to take your own. Bird feeding stations are situated around the parc for birdwatchers. If you venture up to the park in Winter make sure you take some warm clothes expecially gloves and suitable walking boots/shoes. The windchill can be quite extreme in certain parts of the park. Oh and dont forget the sunblock!

Beautiful park and great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Montreal. The 200 steps were worth it.
Mount Royal and Mount Royal Park
West of Downtown
Montreal, Quebec, H3H 1A2
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