The Montreal Biodome

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by funkipickle on December 17, 2001

Walking from the Viau Metro station, you are greeted with huge concrete struture of the Stadium Olympique and the Biodome. The only way I can describe the structure is that it looks like the shape of one of those ancient fossils....maybe I just had a hangover when I visited?!? The Biodome was originally the Olympic Velodrome and now is home to over 4000 animals and 5000 plants.

Visitors are able to walk through four different ecosystems; the tropical forest, Laurentian forest, St Lawrence marine ecosystem and polar world. If you are fascinated by animals then this is the place for you. I would recommend roughly half a day to walk around. When you first walk into the Biodome you may not spot all the animals that you are told to expect, and you may think, well it is nothing special. It is only when you stand and look more closely that you realise that the place is teeming with animals. I was mesmerised by the Golden Lion Tamarin monkeys and the cayman alligators. The cliffside in the St Lawrence section will have you reaching for your umbrella when the seagulls take off - you have been warned!

Children will love the biodome as there is so much they can see and do. They can also ask the rangers (the people in those hats!) that wonder around the dome about the creatures. I guess your experience of the dome will depend on your love of animals and how busy it is.

My ticket cost $24 but that included entrance to the Olympic Tower, botantical garden, insectarium and the dome.

Montreal Biodome
4777 Pierre-de-Coubertin Avenue
Montreal, H1V 1B3
(514) 868-3000

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