Ice Hockey at The Molson Centre

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by funkipickle on March 3, 2002

The Molson Centre is home to the Montreal Team 'The Canadiens'or otherwise known as 'The Habs'. The season for hockey is October to May. The night that I went it was packed and the people on the streets were all heading to the Centre. I read an article someplace that on the nights matches are on at the Molson, the crime rate actually goes down in Montreal! I was a bit naughty and bought my tickets from a scalper for the game. It did work out cheaper, but there was a downside...we were up in the heavens! Also it took a while to figure out which team supporters we were sitting with...

The match was between New Jersey and the Habs, and was a little slow. Be prepared for loads of advert breaks, which will make the game drag in places. Just when the action would start then another break would come along. The atmosphere was great though.

Food and drinks can be purchased from the foyer but are pricey.

When the game was over, it took a long time to get out of the Centre. All the roads were blocked from supporter buses and masses of people walking home. Make sure you know which entrance you entered through as it can be quite disorientating when you leave the wrong exit!

Enjoy the Hockey!
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