"Manhattan Express" ride at NY, NY

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Scott S. on August 29, 2001

The "Manhattan Express" ride at New York New York casino is one of the new roller coasters that is beginning to crop up on the Strip, and along with "Speed" at the Sahara, it is one of the better ones. Although it is relatively tame compared to what you would find at a Six Flags-type amusement park, it is a pretty good steel coaster ride with two decent drops, and some loops and corkscrews. Of particular interest is a half-corkscrew that sends you upside-down into a half-loop, and although it is hard to describe, most coaster enthusiasts will agree that this unique element is the second-best part of the ride. The best part, whether you love coasters or not, is the fantastic view as the coaster makes it's way through the New York skyline. We give this one the thumbs-up.

Some tips:
Like any attraction in Las Vegas, it can get crowded on the weekends and in the evening, so catch it during the week if you can; the ride is not too scary for brave kids who meet the height requirement, so bring them along; there is a two-for-one coupon for this ride in the Las Vegas Advisor "Book of Values", available online.

Manhattan Express Roller Coaster
3790 S. Las Vegas Boulvard
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
(702) 740-6969


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