Saint Peters in the Vatican

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by dglawless on May 22, 2001

What a sight! This was a very moving experience. The Church itself is huge with enough room to allow 100,000 people to occupy it at one time. There is a treasure at every turn. In the basement they have all the Popes from St. Peter on. I did not expect to be so impressed with St. Peter's.

The statues in the Church are very beautiful. Micheal Angelo's famous La Piata, now protected by glass after an attempt to vandalize it several years ago, is absolutley breathtaking.

You can also go to the top of the dome to the roof of the church. An elevator takes you to the first balcony overlooking the main altar; to reach the roof you must climb a lot of very narrow steep steps, but if you can physically do it, it is well worth the trip. The view of Rome from the roof was just too beautiful to describe.

The Swiss Guards, still wearing the uniforms designed by Micheal Angelo, are very interesting. We did manage to make one of them smile.

At the top of the Dome there is a small gift shop and a mailbox to mail your postcards that are postmarked from Vatican City.

Vatican City
Rome, Italy

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