The holy site of Pashupatinath

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Your driver turns off the main road into a sidestreet winding through what appears to be a typical very-low-income Asian urban enclave. You’ve no idea that you’re approaching Nepalese Hinduism’s holiest temple. Leave the car, walk downhill on a narrow cobblestone lane, and the sight explodes in front of you: Directly ahead, a colorful pagoda-like shrine resplendent in crimson and gold trim. On the left, a massive temple complex. Further ahead, across a footbridge, a hillside with terrace after terrace of individual shrines, each honoring a different god or deceased dignitary.

This is the must-see temple complex of Pashupatinath --- Temple of the God Pashupati. There are many legends to recount and many stories to be told here --- it’s far better to visit with a professional guide.

As you gaze at the shrine-covered hill rising beyond the holy Bagmati River, a puff of white smoke drifts in from the right. Walking further, you’ll discover that its the smoke from riverside crematory fires. The cremations --- a Hindu tradition --- are worth their own journal entry.

Pashupatinath Temple
Banks of the Bagmati River
Kathmandu, Nepal

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