Nice - The Seaside

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The fifth largest city in France, Nice is the transportation hub of the French Riviera with its international airport and the Paris-Nice train. If you come from America, chances are Nice is your first stop before reaching your "Beyond" destinations. Nice is often avoided by travelers who expect an off-the-beaten-track experience from the south of France. But this city of Belle Epoque and Baroque buildings, sun and sea remains an elegant vacation spot in France. Nice is also a city of art and culture and after Paris, has the most museums in France.

If you come to Nice for its reknown beaches, you will be surprised to discover that the beaches of Nice are covered with shingles (smooth stones) and bordered by busy four-lane thoroughfare. Unless you plan on building sand castles, the shingles should not be a problem and some people actually prefer them to sand. If you travel with children, beware that, like at all european beaches, some topless bathing is practiced here.

The famous "Promenade des Anglais", the seaside walk that stretches 4 miles around the Baie des Anges, has been a favorite for leisurely "promenades" since the turn of the last century. Always covered with flowers, this wonderful walk looks out onto the beaches on one side, and luxury hotels such as the Negresco on the other. At all hours of the days and nights, people come here to watch the sea, sunbath, jog and roller skate.

The Rue de France pedestrian shopping street runs roughly parallel to the seaside. This area is full of shops, including some exclusive clothing boutiques, and restaurants and caf├ęs with outdoor terraces - a great place to sit and watch the world go by, while you eat or drink.

Nice - Seaside
The City
French Riviera, France

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