Ocean Journey

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You are in for a real adventuresome treat when you come to Ocean Journey in mile-high Denver. Just because Denver is inland doesn't mean it doesn't have a watery history. About 65 million years ago, Colorado lay beneath shallow waters of a vast inland sea.

Our out-of-town guests are always amazed at the depth of experiences in Ocean Journey. Our grandchildren love the realistic outdoor settings, the beautiful fish, and the opportunities to "touch and feel" many exhibits.

The multi-story exhibits take you on extraordinary journeys where water and land meet in Colorado and in other places of the world. In addition to viewing many types and species of fish, you'll see waterfalls cascading from many feet above you. You'll see live tigers in a jungle-like setting. You'll see and hear birds in the giant trees.

Having lived in Colorado for most of my life, I especially enjoy the Colorado River Journey. I like standing at the imaginary Continental Divide and progesssing further downstream to see different species of fish and wildlife. While following a 1,500 mile make-believe journey down the Colorado River, I find the air growing warmer and the river becoming tamed.

One of the most awesome exhibits is the mock flash flood. My grandchildren asked to see this again and again. We stand on the little wooden bridge while lighting flashes and thunder roars. The annoucements about an approaching flash flood come over the loud speaker. We wait in dim light, and then suddenly water rushes from above, quickly and violently filling the mock canyon and gently spraying water on us as we watch safely from the bridge.

The children especially like watching the sea otters swim in their cove lagoon. They also are thrilled to watch giant sharks swim underneath us by looking through large glass portholes in the floor.

Earlier Ocean Journey had a special exhibit on sharks. Now guests can enjoy an Outback Adventure in an adjoining tent at no additional cost. Hundreds of tame Australian birds live freely here in a "downunder" environment. When you purchase a stick with bird food on the end, you can have these friendly birds land on your stick and view them at an arm's length.

Plan to spend at least an hour or two viewing the many exhibits. I've gone many times and I see things every time that I missed on earlier journeys.

It's open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day except Christmas. Admission prices: Adults 18 and up - $14.95; seniors 65 and up - $12.95; children ages 4-12 are $6.95, and children 3 and under are free.

For more information, visit www.oceanjourney.com or call 888-561-4450.

Colorado's Ocean Journey
700 Water St
Denver, Colorado, 80211
+1 303 561 4450; +1


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