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Member Rating 2 out of 5 by Cosmic Gryl on July 16, 2001

There are about 5 different companies offering a walking Ghost Tour. They each meet at different squares in Historic Savannah. It is basically a tour guide walking you up and down different streets telling you stories about things that happened in these homes. Of course the homes are supposed to be haunted but you don't get to go into any of them. You basically are just walking around and listening to the guide, who is definitely animated and a good storyteller so if you like that kind of thing than great.

Personally, it was a bit corny for me as I was hoping to actually be frightened during the storytelling as I envisioned being at least on the stairs of the homes if not entering them. Also you go to visit the cemetery but you don't enter and the tour guides just tell you stories of who is buried in there from outside the gate. Again, it would have been better if we could go inside the cemetery and see the plots of the souls he spoke of.

Now they do have a tour called the "Creepy Crawly" which is a ghost walk tour but its of pubs and you get a free drink at the first pub which you can take with you along on the walk. You can, of course, buy drinks at each of the pubs you visit which would make for a great tour when it was all done. This tour is $15.

I suggest you visit the Savannah Visitors Bureau where you can get coupons for up to $2 off the cost of these tours.

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