The Rim Trail

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The Rim Trail is not so much a trail as it is a paved pathway offering introductory views of the canyon from behind the security of an iron railing. This "trail" is best for children and adults who are not physically prepared for strenuous hikes into the canyon. The shuttle buses that provide transportation to the starting points of the many trails stop at various lookouts along The Rim Trail. From Hermit Road, you can visit Powell Point, a memorial to the civil war veteran John Wesley Powell and a view of one of the remaining mines in the canyon, Orphan Mine.

After a dinner including taco soup and rainbow trout at the Arizona Steakhouse, you can walk back to Yavapai Lodge along some parts of The Rim Trail. Getting lost, however, is likely- those stars are distracting.

Rim Trail
From Yavapai Point to Hermits Rest
Grand Canyon, Arizona, 86023
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