Palmas del Mar Casino

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by wvbluerock on July 18, 2001

This attractive, medium sized casino offers low limit (5-$500) table games and the usual slots. The dealers were friendly enough, and the waiters occasionally brought non alcoholic drinks and even little sandwiches to the customers. They apparently respect the no alcohol in the casino rule, which is pretty much ignored in most of the San Juan casinos. Pit bosses/Managers resisted giving "Comps" for meals, and acted like the money was coming out of their own pockets. They kept a craps table fully staffed one night and not a single customer played (2x odds). However, when I was on a serious winning streak at baccarat, they closed the table on me, saying they needed to open it for blackjack. They only offer baccarat for an hour or so a day, and won't give accurate information on when the table will be open. But if you get there at 5pm, and keep checking, you usually can play for about an hour. As is true for most PR casinos, they don't compare to the big casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Tunica. I'd avoid the ridiculously tight slots, and mostly stick to blackjack, if turning a profit was important to you. But the experience was pleasant enough, and one of the few nightime activities available at the hotel.
Palmas del Mar Casino
Doral Inn at Las Palmas
Humacao, Puerto Rico

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