Sandton City Shopping Centre

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by samepenny on July 8, 2001

This is a high security shopping center that even has two grocery stores. Attached to the Inter-Continental hotel towers, 2 office buildings which include medical offices and several apartment buildings.

Be very, very careful in the parking lots, although there is security and they are heavily patrolled by armed men; rapes and murders do happen.

We bought safari clothing, underwear, books, recorded music, food and other items. The best buys for us were high quality leather bags.

Prices are so good when you consider the bargain air fares that you can get to take you to South Africa, you might well be able to combine a vacation with a major purchase such as a diamond ring and come out even. Gold jewelry is sold mainly by weight with less consideration given to artistry and workmanship. Designer clothing is sold at very good prices. The VAT (value added tax) you pay is refundable when you leave the country if you follow all the rules and keep all your paperwork in order.

The numerous restaurants and food outlets include a great variety of quality places such as real bakeries that most US shopping centers don't have. I purchased enough cookies and biscuits that we didn't have to take the time to go to the hotel restaurants for breakfast (although they were excellent, we preferred the extra sleep.)

Prices were excellent for us. All credit cards other than Discover accepted. Numerous banks with ATM machines--each with an armed guard on duty. Even a hardware store for the things you might have forgotten. A plunger? A roll of duct tape?

Sandton City Shopping Centre
Corner Sandton Drive And Rivonia Road Sandton
Johannesburg, South Africa, 2146
+27 11 217 6000

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