Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Foxboro Marmot on March 24, 2001

We love this place. Far left side has the Sunrise lift, serving intermediate trails and giving access to serious double diamonds. There's a real beginner area to the far right which keeps them away from the rest of us. True expert trails are in the center. They actually have a sign at the entrance to one of the lifts - Wagonwheel/The Wall - that says "Experts Only" with a skull and crossbones... and they mean it! Bumps, jumps, chutes, rocks, steeps, narrow gullies... its great! And lower grade skiers can enjoy some adventure too - there are a couple of gullies down low on the mountain that a beginner/intermediate can enjoy. Just porpoising from one side to the other, riding up, riding down, finding little jumps - the gullies are natural half pipes. An instructor was taking his little kids in one over by the beginners area, told them they were entering THE DITCH OF DOOM... they cruised through back and forth, up and down and came out looking like someone gave them bags of candy on the way...

Crowds were minimal with no meaningful waits on weekdays or weekends. It's about a 50 minute ride from South Lake Tahoe - and avoid Route 50 in and out of the Lake area. Use Pioneer Trail to get around the stop lights and congestion when going to and from Kirkwood.

Kirkwood Mountain Resort
1501 Kirkwood Meadows Drive
Kirkwood, California, 95646
(970) 496-4475

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