Rose Hall Great House

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The Rose Hall Great House is a plantation house and the former home of Annie Palmer, the white witch of Rose Hall. The house has undergone a multi million dollar renovations to bring it back to its former opulence. The house has been restored with antique furnishing, wallpapers, floorings and photos.

The house is said to be haunted by Annie Palmer whose three husbands died at her hands. She was also murdered in early 1800's.

The tour ends in the cellar, where there are letters and photos from past visitors, who say there are visions appearing in their photos, thus continuing the legend of Rose Hall.

Tours are offered daily from 9AM to 6PM. The fee is approx. $15 per person (couldn't remember the exact amount about but it was between $10-15).

Rose Hall Great House
Rose Hall
Montego Bay, Jamaica

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