Kruger National Park

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It would be reducing to bring back the Kruger Park to a question of figure. This large space was devoted for one century. The main goal was to protect floral and faunal diversity from the area. Kruger refers to old Africa, the Africa we kept in our dreams. The landscapes change north in the South, passing from the thorny bush to more open pastures. Two large roads traverses the park, they are accessible by any type of vehicle in any season. A broad network of minor roads practicable in dry season makes it possible to explore the least recess of the park, far from the marked out paths. Speed is limited to 30 km inside the park.

Night circulation is prohibited, be careful because the night falls quickly, and numbers tourists were trapped and has to spend one night additional in the lodges. There are seven different access gates. The entrance fee is about $5 per person. Maps of the park are available. They are very useful to locate the water holes and to define its way. Many and comfortable bush camps strew the reserve, the largest are those of Skukuza and Satara.

Kruger National Park

Kruger Park, South Africa

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