Women's Basketball Tournament

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by odayk on April 4, 2001

Denver was an excellent place to host the NCAA regional tournament. The home of the Avalanche and Nuggets was packed with basketball fans from all over the country. Many people there were Colorado State Fans, who just like to see great basketball. In many ways, Denver is like a small town, because you see many of the same people at similar events. I knew people from up and down the front range, from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne, Wyoming; all there to see some good games. The atmosphere inside was circus-like. Everyone was wearing some of their teams' colors, and the school bands did an excellent job of getting the crowd hyped up. The players had to have been a little nervous with all of the hoopla, but they all fought hard, kept their composure, and played their best. In my mind, they were all champions. Especially since Notre Dame went on to claim the National Championship, the teams they played in Denver should be especially proud of themselves.
Pepsi Center
1000 Chopper Place
Denver, Colorado, 80204
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