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Member Rating 3 out of 5 by roza4 on June 25, 2002

phone: 215-923-1515

Tickets for a Saturday performance are usually difficult to get; I had to buy mine half a year in advance. For the performances during working days you might be able to get tickets two to three weeks in advance. The cheapest seats in the theater are the last three rows starting with N, and I found that they are the best seats in the house, since you can see and hear everything on the stage no matter where you are.

The theater is not very large. The building looks rather ordinary from the outside, but inside it is really interesting. The decorations are a mixture of Baroque and Art Deco. The ceiling has a large beautiful chandelier in the middle and a circular décor of flowers, vases and muses in green surrounding it. The walls have a combination of yellow, light green and beige colors, with vases shaped like Greek amphoras, fruits, flowers and women’s half bodies emerging from them. The same pattern is repeated in miniature on the corner seat of each row. The staircase leading to the top was also designed in the same style, and to get to the top you have to take the stairs, since there are no elevators. The lobby has several beautiful chandeliers and very high ceilings.

The seats, however, are rather small and uncomfortable, and several men had to sit in the aisle during the performance since they couldn’t fit into their seats. Another major drawback is that by the second act it got very hot and they never turned the air conditioning on.

I've seen two musicals here: "Mamma Mia" in February and Elton John’s "Aida" in June. I didn’t like the first one since the actors didn’t have the right voices and couldn’t perform Abba songs the way that they were sung by Abba. I partially liked Aida. I loved the decorations on the stage and the lighting, but the story line was rather simple, the musical too long, and the singers too tired by the end of the show.

Forrest Theatre
1114 Walnut St
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19107
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